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International Student


Many International students from faraway places make Punjab group of Colleges (PGC) a home away from home. The PGC offers an excellent platform to learn and launch ones career in chosen field of study. While the biggest attraction for studying at PGC is the quality of education, dynamism and advance pedagogy offered by the PGC also play a major role. The diverse experience and wisdom that the foreign students gather from here, offers them a distinct advantage while searching for jobs back home.

The environment here is very friendly and with comfortable residence halls that make all facilities like classrooms, library, canteen, market, sports complex etc. only a few minutes walk from the place of stay.

Student Support Services

  • Pre-Arrival.

Help in applying for a Student Visa by offering Acceptance letter.
Tips before embarking on the journey and instructions on landingCommunication regarding the contacts in the PGC

  • Post-Arrival.

Pick-up facility from the airport.
Registration of the international student.
Admission and Hostel allocation and introduction to the concerned hostel wardens.

  • Campus Tour.

Induction to make students familiar with the PGC and the province of Punjab .
Introduction of the International Students to the concerned PGC officials.
Help to adjust to the College life.
Opening of Bank Accounts, Phone Numbers, Insurance, etc.

  • Health & Counselling.

24 x 7 emergency service is available at Health Centre. Students can avail the medical facilities in the Centre at concessional charges. Besides that, Department of International students have made arrangements with insurance companies for obtaining health insurance policies for students.

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