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The Punjab Group of Colleges is committed to deliver:

  • Migration to a College from another College within the University will be allowed only after the completion of the 1st year and is applicable only to those students who are eligible to register for 3rd semester.
  • Migration shall be allowed after completion of the second semester but before start of the 3rd semester.
  • The candidates shall not be allowed to change his/ her discipline of study in the process of migration.

Order of preference for migration.

  • Branch up gradation, if applicable, shall be carried out at the college level on the basis of the result of 1st semesters & 2nd semester. This will as per regulations for upgradation, chapter XII of the PTU Regulations 2005.
  • Thereafter merit, worked out on the basis of marks obtained in the first and second semesters (combined), shall form the basis of migration.
  • Preference will be given to the students who have cleared all their subjects of the first year.

Procedure for Intra University Migration:

  • The Institute where the student is studying and the Institute to which migration is sought, should issue a no objection certificate to the applicant in the format given at Appendix B
  • The student seeking migration must submit an application written and signed by him/her together with the “No Objection Certificate” issued by both the colleges.
  • The University will authorize migration only against a vacant seat available in the discipline in which migration is sought.
  • In addition to the above, migration will be governed by the rules of the concerned College, if applicable.

Migration to an affiliated College /Institute of the University from other recognized universities will be allowed 15 days prior to of the start of the 3rd semester.
The following conditions shall be apply:

  • The candidate should have passed all the courses of the first year of the University from where he/she wants to migrate.
  • The courses studied by the candidate in first year must be equivalent to the courses offered in this University. Deficiency, if any, should not be of more than two subjects. The candidate would be required to furnish an undertaking that he/she will attend classes and pass these courses (found deficient).
  • The institute and the University where the student is studying and the Institute, to which migration is sought, have no objection to the migration.
  • There is a vacant seat available in the discipline in the college in which migration is sought.
  • In addition to the above, migration will be governed by the rules of the concerned University.


(a). Shifting of branch within the College as per merit under PTU rules shall have precedence over intra-University migration or Inter – University.

(b). Intra –University migration shall be given preference over Inter University migration.

Amendment 1 (Approved in 10th Academic Council Meeting)
10.10 Migration of students to college from other colleges within the University and from outside the University The matter was discussed in detail. Practical problems and some of the practices by students and colleges were also discussed. Migration rules as given in the Annexure V were approved by the Council.Principal / Directors of colleges were requested to strictly adhere to these rules before forwarding N.O.C. A committee consisting of following members was constituted to study and recommend on the cases of migration for the future:

1. Dr.Sadhu Singh,Director (Colleges),PTU – convenor.

2. Dr. D.S. Grewal, Principal, GNE, Ludhiana

3. Dr. D.B. Tandon, Director, Gian Jyoti Institute of management & Technology, Mohali

4. Dr. Sanjay Modi, Director, International Institute of Management & Tech., Phagwara

5. Dr. K.N.S. Kang, Punjab College of Technical Education, Ludhiana

B.Tech. 2nd Year 3 Year /6 Sem. 4 Year/ 8 Sem
B.Tech. 2nd Year 3 Year /6 Sem. 4 Year/ 8 Sem
Amendment 2 (Approved in 28th Academic Council Meeting)
28.3 To brief on the decisions taken in the 25the meeting of BOG The Board of Governors, PTU in its 25th meeting approved the regulation of migration & the changes proposed with the following amendment :

“Power of Relaxation : Notwithstanding the existing Migration Rules, the Chairman of the Board, in matters of exigency, to be recorded in writing, shall be authorized to consider migration on compassionate grounds for cthe ases that are not otherwise covered under Migration Rules.

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