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PGC has state-of-the-art IT Infrastructure and Fibre Optic Network across the Campus. The Campus has IT Infrastructure that can support more than 1200 Computer Systems and is completely Wi-Fi enabled. It is one of the most hi-tech Campus in North India.
Some of the highlighting features:

Data Center

PGC has its own data center backed up with high capacity Online Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) from Libert and dedicated Generator for providing electricity backup round the clock.

Wi-Fi Campus

PGC is Wi-Fi Enabled campus supported on the technology from RUCKUS, USA.

11 Mbps Internet

11 Mbps bandwidth for Internet with dedicated leased line.

Powerful Servers

More Than 20 HCL 6 Core, Quad Core, Dual Core Xeon based IBM / Dell Rack Servers, IBM BLADE SERVERS.

100% redundancy

All IT Infrastructure has 100% Redundancy and Efficient data Management.

GigaByte Backbone

PGC has Fibre Optic Backbone through out its campus for providing seamless connectivity.

High End firewall

High End firewall Security from Watch Guard.

24hrs Power BackUp

24hrs Power BackUp for all Desktop Machine through Online Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) from Libert.

LED Notice Board

LED Notice Board to inform about all the activities to the students.

Campus Security

More than 100 CCTV cameras for 24 hours surveillance to ensure on campus safety and security.

Biometric Attendance System

Professional Biometric Attendance Systems.

SMART CAMPUS Management System

Hi-tech SMART CAMPUS Management System with Kiosk Facility through which Students can get all the details by just inserting the College ID-Card into the ATM like Machine.

Online Content Management Solution

PGC has Online Content Management Solution for providingVideo Lectures, Notes to all the students over WIFI Network.

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