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Medical Facilites

The Medical facilities at Punjab Group of Colleges are well equipped to provide the basic and necessary health care. The health care is provided in a comfortable and confidential environment.
The health centre is staffed by a medical officer and healthcare assistants to provide excellent medical care to all the students, staff and faculty. The Medical Officer manages the various aspects of the facility. They provide quality health care to everyone, evaluates the quality of services, maintains the overall efficiency of the centre and decides the procedures to be followed in case of emergency.
PGC health centre is equipped with basic medical facilities and in case of emergency, patients are referred to the GOVT. Hospital, Lalru Mandi. Presently, the health centre is serving the strength of more than 500 undergraduate and postgraduate students, faculty and staff members. To deal with emergency cases, college transport is available round the clock to carry the patients for treatment at surrounding hospitals.

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